Fertility Awareness as a Tool for Connection and Empowerment

As a culture, we are very disconnected to natural cycles. This disconnect has brought  about devastating consequences to our people and planet, but there are some minor changes we can make in our daily lives to help shift this destructive paradigm. In a recent conversation I had with Gaia U Master’s degree graduate and fertility awareness educator Dyami Nason-Regan, she shed light on how the fertility awareness method gives women insight into the health of body and mind, and creates a deep connection to other natural cycles.

The fertility awareness method is a tool that women can use in place of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy or as a tool to assist in achieving pregnancy. By charting one’s waking temperature, cervical fluid and changes in daily records, women can track when menstruation will occur, when the best time to achieve pregnancy is, and when it is safe to have intercourse without becoming pregnant.

Dyami began practicing fertility awareness after four years of being on “the pill”. She explained how this decision transformed her ability to gauge her own physical and mental health, but it took a long time for her body to snap back into a healthy rhythm. It was not until four years after she started practicing fertility awareness that Dyami’s cycle became regular and another four years after that before her body’s cycle was considered “healthy”. She explained how many contraceptives rely on hormones to regulate cycles and prevent pregnancy. These hormones can have varying degrees of side effects from decreasing sex drive and causing intense mood swings to damaging the cervical crypts which  produce cervical fluid (an important component to a woman’s fertility).

I too began practicing fertility awareness nearly two years ago and can already see an improvement in the regularity of my cycle. I suffered from severe emotional irritability for years when I was on the pill. It became so bad that I had to completely remove myself from everyone (including my significant other) for nearly two days during my cycle, which led to depression and anxiety. This has shifted dramatically for me. I feel connected to my body’s cycle for the first time in years. Dyami explained to me that this is because our emotional connective reality, shaped by our natural hormones, is masked when we’re on the pill. She also explained that the bleeding which occurs once a month while we are on the pill is not a true menstruation, but rather a breakthrough bleed caused by a quick drop in synthetic hormones.

There is another more subtle yet very profound benefit that arises from practicing fertility awareness, and that is the empowerment a woman reclaims after years of documenting and observing her biological and emotional well-being. She is able to intuitively design her life in alignment with her cycle. This deep connection she has with her body will help her prepare for each day in a conscious way. She can also begin to develop a deeper connection with other natural cycles like that of the moon. This is due to her being naturally much more in tune and knowing how other patterns of nature influence her body and emotions.

To wrap up our conversation, I asked Dyami if she could share an inspirational story of how her work as a fertility awareness educator has impacted her clients. She told me about a class she taught last year to a group of teenage girls, “I was so impressed by their enthusiasm and active engagement. This experience had a huge impact on me. I felt that it reflected a cultural shift in our collective thinking. Our girls are becoming young women who want to grow into conscious adults and by giving them these tools as they become sexually active, they begin to reclaim what it is to be a woman in our evolving culture.”

The disconnect we have all experienced in the past is fading. Every day, I speak to people from all over the world who choose to engage in connection, and the work Dyami and other fertility awareness educators are doing is linked to this dynamic culture we are co-creating. The fertility awareness method is truly an active step that we can make towards creating a connection to self, nature, and each other.

For more information on the fertility awareness method, check out Dyami’s Fertile Ground website here. You can also take a look at some other resources she recommended: Sarah Bly’s Grace of the Mood website and the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler.

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